Let's Celebrate Our 30th Birthday!

June 10, 2022

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Over the past 30 years Tech and People Network (TAP Network) has created a place for a vibrant and diverse community of People and Culture professionals to connect, share knowledge, and inspire innovation. Together we are committed to driving the growth and success of Canada’s tech sector and celebrating a major milestone this year!

With dedicated leadership and support, as a non-profit association, TAP Network is a collective voice for the tech industry in Canada. Together, members and volunteers created the industry definition of the “High Tech Professional” and “High Tech Company” for the provision of BC’s Employment Standards Regulations. Federally, members worked to implement an immigration pilot program for fast-tracking tech workers and have represented provincial tech industries at international recruitment fairs, to attract talent and create a strong tech talent ecosystem for tech companies nationally.

This year we completed the 3-year Diversity & Inclusion Tech project, as a BC government funded pilot program, created to fill a critical gap in Canada’s tech ecosystem. The program was developed to support tech employers with the knowledge and tools to develop a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. We now have a DE&I Resource HUB with 400+ free tools and resources to support employers, an Employer Toolkit for measuring workforce diversity, and the Diversity in Tech Dashboard that provides a detailed annual measurement of diversity within the tech sector. Moving forward, TAP Network will continue to provide DE&I training programs for leaders in the tech sector across Canada.

Collaboration, Impact, and Leadership

Through our programs and events, we foster peer-to-peer connections. Today, TAP Network has over 900 members at 250 tech companies, contributing to the overall strength of the tech industry across Canada. We enjoy supporting our members with access to tech sector data, mentors, industry experts and an inclusive peer community. When we connect as a diverse network of professionals, we can harness the power of the collective.

This year we’ve hosted events that support both organizational and professional growth and success with training, roundtables and series on topics that include DE&I, Compensation, Benefits, Immigration, Grant Funding for Talent Programs, Remote Work Culture, and other hot topics.

In 2022 our 10th anniversary conference, Tech Talent North, is at the Vancouver Convention Centre on June 8th and is coming to Toronto for the first time in October! We’re excited to celebrate this milestone together for our 30th birthday.

We also hope you can join us to celebrate this amazing community in November! We will be bringing back the in-person “Social” for our 30th birthday party! Stay tuned for more details…

Time to reflect.

The past couple of years have presented new and unprecedented challenges and opportunities for People and Culture professionals in tech. As we collectively navigated change, it has been inspiring to see how TAP Network members have leaned-in to support one another. Our 30th birthday is a moment to celebrate, reflect on what we’ve accomplished together, and to express our gratitude to all the amazing members, volunteers, and partner companies that exemplify leadership and make our network what is today.

Celebrating expansion.

We have experienced tremendous growth in 2021 with companies joining from multiple provinces and with expanding support and reach across Canada, we are looking forward to further connection and growth in 2022 and beyond. That’s worth celebrating!