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Curious about how Canadian tech companies are reacting to the constantly changing landscape? Our custom surveys equip you with decision-making data on trending issues and topics as they happen. Real data, real time.

The tech industry evolves at a blistering pace and it’s no easy feat for people and culture professionals to stay ahead of the constantly changing landscape. Our industry is frequently at the forefront of developing innovative people programs and practices. Sometimes, it feels like staying agile is at odds with data-based decision making, because there’s no timely and relevant data to be found.

Leaders want to know how their organizations stack up to industry peers, and if they’re leading or lagging. They want to know how other companies are handling remote work / the pandemic / recessionary conditions / EDI / [insert people & culture challenge of the moment].

TAP Network runs custom surveys to collect tech sector practices data on the issues that matter most to our member companies right now. Survey topics and questions are driven by our members, and we go from data collection to results within two weeks.

Sharing is caring, so our members have exclusive access to our complete databank of tech industry custom surveys on various people and culture related topics.

This is one of the many ways we’ve built a community where members can share knowledge, learn new information and gain benchmark data to meet their organization’s immediate needs.

As a member, if you’re in need of specific information not found in our survey databank, you can request a new custom survey. We’ll then conduct the survey and provide the full results to participants, and a summary of the results to all in our community. By harnessing the power of community, our members benefit from timely and relevant tech sector practices data to make better decisions.

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Some examples of our recent custom surveys include topics like 2023 salary increase budgets, cost-cutting measures, voluntary turnover, and remote work.

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