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TAP Network Membership FAQs

Find answers to your questions on membership, the Tech Salary Survey, and connecting with the TAP Team. We’re happy to help! If we haven’t answered your questions, connect with us at

Membership – Joining TAP Network

Annual Membership runs from August 1st to July 31st and you can join anytime of the year. Key dates to be aware of when joining as a new member:

  • April – salary survey kick-off event and participation opens
  • July / August – membership renewal and salary survey purchase (as a participant)
  • September – salary survey results are published
  • November – intake opens for the mentorship program (6-month program beginning in January).
  • Monthly webinars , events, and Special Interest Groups run throughout the year. Check out our calendar of events 

To maintain our core focus of peer-to-peer and company-to-company exchange, as well as the integrity and relevance of our Salary Survey data, all member companies need to be tech sector companies or divisions, have a minimum of 30 employees and a dedicated People and Culture representative who can participate in the annual Salary Survey and benefit from our member programs and events.

One of the central benefits of membership is our peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities. We’ve set a requirement for a minimum company size of 30 employees because that’s typically when companies have a dedicated People and Culture / HR representative. This is also typically the size where companies have more formal compensation structures, which ensures integrity of the data submitted for our Salary Survey. If your company isn’t quite this size but you’re growing and you’re keen to participate in our community and the salary survey, reach out and let’s chat.

Apply online by filling out the application form.

We’ll get a notification and reach out to you, and we’ll send you the invoice for annual membership.

All member companies participate in and purchase the annual Tech Salary Survey as part of membership. Purchasing the Tech Salary Survey happens at membership renewal on August 1st, after you’ve participated in the survey.

We invoice members annually for their membership and the salary survey at the participant rate. Our membership year begins August 1st and goes to July 31st. Invoices are sent in June each year and are due by July 31st.

Annual Tech Salary Survey – Participation and Purchase

Annual survey participation for members kicks-off in April and typically closes in the first week of June. The survey is published by September.
Access to the current salary survey is not automatically provided after becoming a member, and we won’t bill you for the survey if you have not participated in it.
Of course, you can purchase the current Tech Salary Survey at any time after its publication in early September! You’ll receive a $500 discount on the retail (non-participant) price of the survey as a new member.
All members participate in our annual Tech Salary Survey, and the next survey cycle is April – May. You can purchase the survey at the member participant rate with annual membership renewal on August 1st and will have access to the survey results through the Mercer WIN platform by the first week of September.


For members, we hold events throughout the year, including learning series on Total Rewards, EDIB and other hot topics, webinars, Special Interest Groups, leadership development programs, annual mentoring program, in-person socials, and the annual Tech Talent North conference in Vancouver and Toronto. We’ll keep you posted in our weekly newsletter with event details, and on Slack.

If you aren’t a member, be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on social media in order to hear about our many community events and publically available resources. Joining us at Tech Talent North is another fantastic way to stay connected with our community.