TAP into our Benefits Buying Plan and Group Benefits Programs

Member companies can access our Benefits Buying Plan and other valuable group benefit programs. We offer a full breadth of benefits plan options, expertise, and services in partnership with HUB International and LifeWorks. Member companies of all sizes (from 30+ to 500+ Canadian employees) are eligible to join.

Benefits Buying Plan

The Benefits Buying Plan has provided value to our members for almost 20 years.

By pooling premiums and leveraging our aggregate purchasing power as a group, members can gain significant and ongoing cost savings on benefits plan offerings for their company. It provides members with a competitive edge in the marketplace and has served our members well in their company benefits plan design.

Health and wellness benefits are essential in attracting and retaining employees and as benefits costs continue to rise, the Benefits Buying Plan offers the following key advantages:

  • Reduces group benefits costs
  • Increases sustainability of savings
  • Maintained autonomy over your benefits plan design

How the Benefits Buying Plan works.

Savings for plan participants come from a reduction in the insurers’ fixed costs, administration fees, and expenses. Through this Benefits Buying Plan, companies can have customized plan designs and renewals based on their own experience ratings, but enjoy the purchasing power of being part of a larger group.

HUB International also offers members comprehensive benefits services ranging from plan benchmarking and cost analysis comparison to support in health and wellness initiatives and employee benefits communications. Their services include expertise in the design, implementation and operation of both traditional plans and flexible plan designs.

Our members gain access to valuable benefits consulting services, provided by HUB International, our benefits experts in the tech industry.

The estimated aggregate savings over the past 18 years of the Benefits Buying Plan has exceeded $3 Million for member companies!


"Our company switched to the TAP Network benefits buying plan in 2018. It was important to maintain or improve the excellent benefit package for our employees when considering the change. The cost savings were immediate, and the implementation was smooth with the assistance of our representative from HUB International. This was a good move for us and our employees are very happy with the benefits that are currently provided by Sun Life.”
Alyson Cuthbertson Manager, Human Resources, e-One Moli Energy
"Our organization has benefited greatly for over 12 years with the Group Benefits Buying Plan – reducing our costs and increasing our purchasing power so that we can provide our employees with the best extended health and dental options.”
Natasha Gordon Senior Director, Human Resources – Ntirety
"I’ve been a part of TAP Network Benefits plan with my last three companies. There are two key reasons I keep coming back - the excellent customer service and the cost savings. I love that I can get the benefits of being part of a larger group while still having the autonomy to design the best plan for my workforce. I highly recommend TAP Network’s Benefits Buying Plan for both large and small employers”
Elizabeth Barnard Vice President People Operations, OSI Maritime Systems

TAP Network Retirement Program Advantage

Separate from our Benefits Buying Plan, our member companies have access to a full array of HUB retirement services including support for your HR and Executive Management teams, support for your employees at work and support for your employees to and through retirement. HUB International acts as a guide, educator and financial advisor for you and your employees.

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Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The health and well-being of ourselves and our families is an important part of our lives. Our members have access to discounted rates for their organization’s EFAP program through LifeWorks.

LifeWorks is a market-leading total well-being solution that supports the health and well-being of people locally and around the world. Their EFAP brings the best user experience and clinical support together to achieve mental, physical, social, and financial well-being for your employees.

Contact us at info@tapnetwork.ca with questions about the Benefits Buying Plan, Retirement Program Advantage, and EFAP.

Contact our experts at HUB International directly to learn about the plans in more detail and to sign up.