Meet Our Team

Our Steering Committee is a diverse and talented group of members who volunteer their time and skills to guide and lead our member programs and offerings.

We are grateful to have the following members on our Steering Committee:

Our Board of Directors sets our strategy and direction and manages risk, allowing our association to continue to thrive and support our tech community.

We’re grateful to have the following leaders volunteer their time and expertise as our Board of Directors:

Our TAP Network team brings a wealth of diverse people and culture, leadership and community building experience across Canadian tech subsectors, not-for-profits and beyond. 

Reach out to us individually or for general inquiries, you can reach the TAP Network team by email at

Meet the TAP Network team.

Photo of Stephanie Hollingshead

Stephanie Hollingshead (She / Her)


Photo of Nikole Hensler

Nikol Hensler (She / Her)

Member Communications

Photo of Rolanda Chen

Rolanda Chen (She / Her)

Programs and Events

Photo of Kathy Gibson

Kathy Gibson (She / Her)

Sr. Consultant and Project Manager, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Belonging

Photo of Kelli Forster

Kelli Forster (She / Her)

VP, Human Resources, Nano One Materials

Photo of Sarah Kelvin Davies

Sarah Kelvin-Davies (She / Her)

Director of People, ROUTIFIC

Ernestine Shin (She / Her)

Human Resources Business Partner, BMO

Photo of Julie Yang

Julie Yang (She / Her)

Director of People and Culture, East Side Games Studio

Photo of Laurie Murdoch

Laurie Murdoch (She / Her)


Photo of Charlyne Fothergill

Charlyne Fothergill (She / Her)

Community Partnerships

Photo of Raj Chahal

Raj Chahal (She / Her)

Chair of the Board, TAP Network

Tammy Carlin (She / Her)

Board Secretary, TAP Network

Photo of Allison Rutherford

Allison Rutherford (She / Her)

Vice Chair of the Board & Founder, TAP Network

Photo of Elizabeth Barnard

Elizabeth Barnard (She / Her)

Past Chair of the Board, TAP Network

Photo of Lindsay Chan

Lindsay Chan (She / Her)

Director, TAP Network

Photo of Laurie Murdoch

Laurie Murdoch (She / Her)

Director, TAP Network

Photo of Natasha Gordon

Natasha Gordon (She / Her)

Director, TAP Network

Michelle Brooks (SHE / HER)

Director, TAP Network

Photo of Victoria Petriw

Victoria Petriw (She / Her)

Director, TAP Network

Jessica Yang (She/Her)

Total Rewards Partner, Tipalti

Claudia Ivanova (She/Her)

Head of Human Resources, Fispan

Natania Mathany (She/Her)

VP, People & Culture, A Thinking Ape Entertainment

Haleema Nasser (She/Her)

Global Manager, HR/Talent, SemiosBio Technologies

Blue Placeholder

Kamyl Lizaso (She / Her)

HR Business Partner, DNEG