Trends and Insights from TAP Network's 2022 Salary Survey

November 14, 2022

Canadian tech compensation shifted substantially in 2022 as companies responded to twice as much voluntary turnover, an increase in global competition, and a wave of local layoffs.

How much did salaries move in the first half of 2022?

Our recently published Tech Salary Survey reports Canadian tech sector salaries increased by an average of 6.5%, a significant jump from the previous 5-year average of 3.8%. What’s unprecedented is that 39% of the jobs surveyed saw average salary increases of 10% or more in 2022. Tech companies were competing intensely for talent with significantly higher salaries, an increase in sign-on bonuses, and stock grants to attract and retain talent, amidst the reality of voluntary turnover that had almost doubled.

Some of the hottest jobs in 2022 were Manufacturing Engineer, Hardware / Electrical Engineer and entry level 2D/3D Concept Artists with average salary increases of greater than 20%. Sales, marketing, human resources and executive positions also increased by an average of 10%.

How will companies attract and retain tech talent in a competitive market?

We’re leaning into flexibility, shifting workplace benefits, and focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Perks are changing to accommodate hybrid and remote work arrangements. More employers are offering flexible hours, working from home, paid time off to volunteer and even four-day work weeks.

· 99% of companies now offer the option to work either partially or fully remote.

· 78% permit remote employees to live and work in a different province from the office.

· 37% now permit remote employees to live and work in a different country.

In the past two years benefits plans have expanded to address immediate concerns and are becoming more inclusive, with a focus on attracting and retaining talent for further growth.

“Large scale hiring, salary increases and even layoffs, all present real opportunities to diversify workforces, improve pay equity and retain marginalized and racialized employees.” Stephanie Hollingshead, CEO, TAP Network.

Will the upward pressure on tech salaries continue?

As tech companies budget for salary increases in 2023, in an economic climate of rising interest rates, inflation, and corporate downsizing, many could be taking a cautious approach to hiring and spending in general. However, we can expect to see continued pressure on Canadian tech companies given the movement towards a more global talent pool.

2022 Tech Salary Survey

The 2022 Tech Talent Survey reports on Canadian tech sector compensation and policy data from 216 companies, including salary and incentive data for 30,718 incumbents (individual employees) across 227 jobs.

The 2023 Tech Salary Survey will be launched in April 2023, and all members of TAP Network will be invited to participate. In addition to collecting data on compensation by job and organization policies and practices, it will also collect data related to diversity and inclusion as part of the Diversity and Inclusion Tech Project. The TAP Network Tech Salary Survey is conducted by Mercer.

For more details and specific salary figures, purchase a full version of the 2022 Tech Salary Survey online at