3 Ways Corporate Leadership Coaching Increases Productivity at Work

October 21, 2022

Do you want to boost your team’s productivity by over 30%? While it sounds too good to be true, corporate leadership coaching has been proven to increase productivity across the board—while positively impacting employee retention and engagement too.

But not all leadership coaching training programs are created equal. The secret is found in equipping your people leaders with workplace coaching skills that enable them to be more coach-like in their approach. That’s when productivity will soar.

For those times when your people and teams have lost their spark, the effort is just not up to par, and the business results are taking a hit too, coach-like leadership is your answer.

Here are the 3 main ways equipping your people leaders with fundamental workplace coaching skills will boost productivity by a large margin inside organizations.

#1: Increase Engagement

When people are more engaged at work, they get more done, and coach-like leadership is one of the best ways to increase employee engagement inside any organization.

As stated by Gallup, one of the key ways to keep employees engaged is to have ongoing coaching conversations with them. “Employees who receive this daily feedback are 3 times more likely to be engaged than those who receive feedback once a year or less.”

Coach-Like Leaders are always having conversations with their teams, meaning they will always be engaged.

This translates to higher quality work completed at an even faster pace.

#2: Improve Psychological Safety

Feeling a sense of trust and safety are precursors to higher levels of productivity.

Workplace coaching creates trust and safety because it’s all about heightened curiosity, listening and empathy skills. With the right leadership coaching training program, leaders can give people support that’s tailored to their unique situations and goals.

Coach-Like Leaders encourage their teams to open up and express their concerns without fear of reprisal. In doing so, leaders can understand what team members are going through, and then they can work together to come up with the best solution possible.

This kind of considered guidance is much more helpful than generic advice, or feedback that centers on the leader’s or company’s needs before the individual’s own.

In today’s work environments, people need to cope with instability and adapt to change very quickly. Without personalized, coaching-style support, that’s a near-impossible standard to meet. But when that coach-like support is given, it gives employees the space to thrive while significantly improving employee morale, engagement and retention.

Employees know they are in a safe space where they can ask questions and admit when they are stuck, boosting their confidence and productivity immensely.

#3: Enhance Communication and Collaboration

Coach-Like Leaders understand how to best listen and communicate with their teams, creating the best possible environment and workplace culture where there are clear goals and expectations for everyone involved.

Because of this, leaders can gather all types of information about their employees to create systems in which they can succeed.

For example: if an employee responds well to a certain type of action plan or question, a coach-like leader will know how to best communicate with that person going forward.

Knowing how to best communicate is essential for boosting productivity as you can ask your people the right types of questions, build the best action plans, and work with them in a way that suits their working style best.

Coach-Like Leaders with their adaptability can customize their approach to every employee, boosting their productivity, and in turn, their results.

Organizations such as HBR and Gallup agree that corporate leadership coaching really is one of the best ways to get more out of your people to boost results.

By equipping your leaders with fundamental workplace coaching skills they’ll learn how to engage their people at work, create psychological safety and have stronger communication and collaboration skills with their team — all of which lead to higher productivity and performance, while positively impacting employee retention and engagement too.

Coach-Like Leaders excel at bringing the best out in people so they can do their best work.


Lisa Martin has managed teams, owned her own companies, been the youngest and only female partner/board member in a national firm and written 5 books on leadership. As an executive coach, she’s coached thousands of leaders across hundreds of organizations.

She’s created The Coach-Like Leader Experience™, a whole new style of blended learning to bring coaching fundamentals to organizations across the globe.